Top 3 Responsibilities That Your Houston Warehousing For Rent Landlord Should Cater For

Every warehouse in Houston that you decide to rent will have its own requirements and obligations. To ensure that the space meets your needs, it is important to know some of the things that the landlord will cater for and those that will be your responsibility. In a good Houston warehousing for rent deal, the landlord should at least take care of the following:

1. Parking Lots Maintenance Costs

Parking lots require some maintenance but a good landlord shouldn’t try to make his or her tenants pay for maintenance-related costs. Repairs and maintenance are long term expenses and are considered to be part of future property value calculations. They should, therefore, be the landlord’s responsibility.

2. Repair or Replacement of Neglected HVAC contract

A bigger percentage of industrial buildings and warehouses are not fitted with full building HVAC units. And if they choose to have them, it is always the responsibility of each tenant to install their own HVAC units. In a lot of cases, you may end up leasing a warehouse space that was previously leased by another person and they had installed and used HVAC units. Since you are not sure whether the tenant has properly maintained the units, you should never assume the responsibility of potential neglected units.

Instead, negotiate with the landlord that you will pay the units’ maintenance contract to keep the units properly maintained but the repairs and replacements should be landlord’s responsibility. What’s more, before you sign a warehouse lease agreement, ensure that the HVAC units are inspected, and if necessary, repaired and certified in writing that they are in perfect conditions by a reputable HVAC technician.

3. Operating Expenses

There are some operating expenses that should be settled by the landlord and not you (the tenant). For instance, roofing repairs and some warehouse maintenance tasks should be the landlord’s responsibility. Before you opt for any warehouse for rent in Houston, therefore, ensure that you understand what is and what’s not included in the operating costs as well as what’s excluded. Operation costs include taxes, maintenance and insurance among others. You should be certain about what you are responsible for and what your landlord is going to pay for.

Final Thoughts

By and large, these are just a few of the aspects of warehousing leasing in Houston that you need to carefully evaluate before signing a contract. If you still have a few questions or concerns, it is important to contact the owner of the warehouse that you plan to rent for a more comprehensive insight on what is expected from your side.

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