Where To Get Affordable Transcription Services

There are many ways to record a court proceeding, deposition, interview, hearing or a lecture. One of them is to film the event. You can also take an audio recording of the event. The other option is to write down what was said during the event. Since it is difficult to type or write what is said by a person in real-time, the best option is to record the event and transcribe it later on. There are many transcription companies around the world, and most of them will be happy to take up the opportunity to transcribe the video or audio for a price.

To get the best transcription services, it is recommended you spend some time comparing both local and online service providers. Start by shortlisting a dozen of the top-rated transcription providers you find both online and locally. Once you have the list, you should look at the following factors as you compare the transcribers:

i) Accreditation/Licensing

It is crucial you check whether or not a firm is licensed to offer transcription services in the city. Be sure to also check if a firm has certified professionals who have been authorized to transcribe the type of recording you have. Accredited and licensed service providers are able to offer quality services that can easily exceed your expectations.

ii) Experience

You cannot hire a newbie or trainee to transcribe an audio. You want to hire the most competent transcriber, so experience is a key factor of consideration. By checking the number of years different transcribers have been in business, you should be able to identify the most experienced transcribers. As transcribers handle more and more jobs, they become better and better as well as less prone to making common mistakes. Therefore, you will get value for money when you hire a transcriber with a lot of experience in the transcription industry.

iii) Cost

This is perhaps the most crucial factor to consider when searching for a transcriber. You want to hire a transcriber who charges reasonable rates. Whether they bill per hour of audio or hour of work done, be sure to do a comparison to identify the most affordable transcriber in the city. There is a lot of competition in the industry, so you should not stop your research until you find an affordable transcriber.

Please note that you can hire someone on the other side of the planet to do the transcription. After all, you only need to send them the audio and pay if the transcription meets your requirements.

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