Why Do You Need Pole Dancing Knee Pads?

In every activity you do, your first concern should be your health and wellbeing. Intense physical exercises are particularly harsh on your body so you should take precautions to get the benefits without developing any problems. For example, runners wear specially designed running shoes to cushion the impact when the feet hit the ground. Boxers wear gloves when they train and fight to protect their precious hands which have small bones. Volleyball players wear knee pads to protect themselves when they dive for balls. Pole dancers can also wear knee pads for training and actual performances to get the following benefits:

Joint Protection

The knees are important for our general mobility. If these are in pain, then we will find it hard to walk or simply move around. Dancing will be out of the question. As such, the use of protecting pole dancing knee pads is a must if you are doing a lot of drops and floor work. You won’t always have complete control over your landings so having that cushion is always a good thing. It will keep you dancing until your old age. You can also perform every move with confidence knowing that the pads are there to soften the blows.

Extra Pole Grip

These knee pads are designed for the unique requirements of pole dancers. Don’t just purchase any type of knee pad because others don’t have features that will surely help with your routines. For example, they might not have sticky materials at the sides of the pads to provide extra pole grip. This can be crucial if you need to climb or hang from the pole for long periods. The strong grip of the material will reduce the force you need to apply to stay in your desired position.

Improved Look

Some dancers opt to avoid the knee pads saying that these don’t fit their style. Older ones were bulky and plain so their complaints might be justified for those but a lot of improvements have happened over the past few years. New designs look far more stylish such that they can add to the look instead of taking away from it. There are many options to choose from so every dancer can pick a design that works for them and their aesthetics. They also come in different colors to match the outfits.

Pole dancing knee pads are must-have due to their grip and protection.

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