3 Easy And Budget-friendly Team Building Activities To Try In 2019

The benefits of team building activities to any organization or group are hard to ignore. From enhancing your team’s problem solving skills and understanding one another’s strengths and weaknesses to boosting their overall communication skills, team building activities can make your group more effective. But which team building activities are most suitable for your team? Well, whether it is a corporate entity, a sports team, or a fitness group, here are 3 affordable team building activities that you can try in 2019:

Purpose Mingle

If you are looking for a great indoor team building activity in Sydney that won’t take a lot of your time, this is the perfect activity to opt for. Before you begin, every member of the team will walk around and share what they think will add value to the meeting. To get the most of this activity, you can offer a prize for the person who shares his or her ideas with most people or a person who successfully contributes what he or she shared. The objective of this fun team building activity is to improve your team’s productivity and to make the members think about how they are going to contribute instead of just hoping to get out of the meeting.

Scavenger Hunt

This is a great team building activity that can help you eliminate group cliques by encouraging the members to work with one another. In the workplace settings, these could be people from other departments, teams, or even other organizations and social circles.

Group the members into teams of two or more people. Assign goofy tasks (such as taking selfie with a stranger, or taking picture of an object or building) to each group. Give them a deadline within which the task should be completed. The group that completes the tasks that are assigned to them fast wins. You can also come up with your own point system based on the complexity of the tasks assigned.

Human Knot

Have you group stand in circle facing one another, shoulder to shoulder. Let them put their right hands and grab a random hand of any member across them. Then ask them to put their left hands out and hold another random hand from a different member across the circle. The next step is to challenge the team to untangle the knot without releasing their hands. The game heavily relies on teamwork and effective communication.

Team building activities Sydney professionals recommend are supposed to be educational and enjoyable. They should help your group members to learn a few things about one another—how a person thinks, solves problems, and works among other aspects. Hopefully, the above 3 ideas will come in handy in your next team building activity in Sydney.

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