3 Unorthodox Ways To Get Over A Relationship Hurdle

Every relationship hits its rough patches and even a good relationship has its highs and lows. In fact, this ebb and flow is completely natural and, like it or not, is all part of being in a relationship. However, if you have the same old issues that keep popping up… that’s normal too… but you may need a little help getting over the hurdle. Here are 3 unorthodox was to calm the storm, or, at least, smooth the seas…

Take a Lie Detector Test.

Lie detectors are not nearly as stressful as you see in the movies and are an accurate way to hash out honesty concerns. If you are or your partner is either feeling lied to or has been accused of lying, this may be a good way to help you move forward and past old issues. If you are embarrassed about the whole situation, consider a lie detector online. This can help you to avoid in-person tests if you feel anxious.

Go to Therapy.

While it may not be off-the-beaten path, sometimes when your issues are deep-seated, it can be hard to go to a therapy session. This can be because you fear how you will be perceived by the counselor. This may be because you are embarrassed about the state of your relationship or do not want to realize that you are in the wrong. Either way, there are currently plenty of online therapy apps that can help you to sort out issues through text or video chat. Because most people are more comfortable in their own home, this may be a good, modern alternative to a classic solution.

Take a Vacation from Your Problems.

If you have ever seen the movie “What About Bob”, you are familiar with the phrase. If you know that you are not going to fix an issue right away, it can help to give yourself permission to let go of what is bothering you for a while. This also means releasing negative behaviors, uncomfortable conversations and the like. You do not have to go far. You might even wish to stay at a local hotel or cabin as a couple. Staycations work too. Find ways to make home feel like a getaway. You could both certainly use the break from your issues.
Whether you try online therapy with a certified counselor or opt to take a lie detector online with a professional, there is no wrong answer. What matters is that you find a way to make it work and create a healthier, happier coupledom.

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