5 Tips To Keep Your Shower Screen Looking New Forever

Isn’t it ironical that while we shower to get clean, we are also actually making the shower screen dirty? Well, if you are someone who is looking for some handy tips for cleaning glass shower screens, then read on.

Regular Cleaning

It goes without saying that you need to clean glass regularly in order to keep it gleaming. The trick here is to not let any build up of grime or soap scum. You need to remember that there are several chemical ingredients present in soaps and shampoos which may get deposited on the glass. Make sure that besides the screen, you are also cleaning the entire bathroom on a regular basis.

Avoid Build Up

They say prevention is better than cure. Why let soap scum build up effect the durability of the glass? Keep a sponge in the shower area. As soon as you finish your shower, use it to clean the glass. Make it some kind of a ritual. Ask everyone in the house who uses the shower to do that. The glass would already be wet and it would be very easy to remove any dirt.

Keep the Glass Dry

Another trick is to keep the shower door dry. How do you do it? Well, one way is to keep the bathroom door open and let the glass dry. As mentioned earlier, you can also try cleaning the glass every time you finish a shower. Do so using a very soft cloth. You can also switch on the exhaust fan for a while after doing this. All these measures will keep the glass dry.

Use the Right Cleaning Solution

Not all cleaning substances are created equal. There are chances that harsh chemicals may damage the surface of the glass, if you were to use one that was actually meant for cleaning some other thing. Therefore, make sure that you buy a cleaning agent specifically meant for glass shower screens. You can find them in most supermarkets and departmental stores.

Go Natural

Not many people know that lemon is one of the best natural cleaners that you can find. Cut a lemon into half. Take a piece and start rubbing the glass. You can also add a bit of baking soda into the mix, which will further improve the cleaning properties of the lemon. Another good natural combination that you can use is vinegar and baking soda. Put some baking soda onto a piece of cloth. Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle. First wipe the glass with the cloth. You can then remove all the baking soda by spraying it with vinegar.

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