7 Low-cost Techniques For Your Garden Irrigation Projects

Your plants need water to grow healthy. Irrigation is one of the widely used methods to supply water to the plants. Research shows that irrigating a farm doubles its production. For techniques that cost a few dollars, choose from these seven methods.

1. DIY Soaker Hose System

A soaker hose delivers water to the plant roots when they need. It’s a system you can make. It requires a few materials. Just a few hours of creating and you get your plants watered.

2. Buried Clay Pot Irrigation

This technique involves the use of unglazed clay pots buried at intervals in the garden. This technique can water crops well and reduce water consumption as well. It’s a low-cost method since you only require a clay pot, which in most cases, isn’t hard to get.

3. The Drip System

Drip irrigation is another low-cost irrigation system installation technique. It entails the use of perforated tubes connected to a source of water especially a raised tank. Most of them are gravity-driven. Water flows via the pipes and trickles out of the tiny holes onto the soil.

4. Use of Solar Drip System

The solar drip irrigation system uses solar panels. The panels power electric pumps that move water to the field. It’s a proven technique that cuts electricity bills.

5. The Sprinkler Technique

The sprinkler method of irrigation is sometimes ridiculed as a water-wasting technique. However, if you do it correctly, it can be very efficient and cost less on small farms. However, this method requires pressure for the water to flow at a speed that can force it out of the sprinkler nozzles.

6. Use of the Treadle Pump Method

The most challenging part of watering crops is how to draw water from a nearby stream or a well. For a low-cost method, human-powered designs of pumps could be used since diesel pumps tend to be too expensive. The pump uses leg power to move some pistons and create a suction force that draws water from the well. The water is then conveyed to the farm or stored in a tank.

7. The Flood Irrigation

Use of buckets is a simple way to flood your garden as long as you’ve got a rich water source. It requires little energy or equipment.

In conclusion, it’s natural that most people prefer irrigation system installation techniques that cost just a few bucks and in turn harvest a lot from the garden. With these seven ways explored above, you’re on the right track. They’re all low-cost methods that you can implement any time of the year. Try them.

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