A Guide To Finding The Best Bars In Wicker Park

Sometimes, like a moth drawn to a dimly lit room, excellent water holes will attract you by their incandescent glows. However, this is not the only way to find a great watering hole. You may find one while walking quickly past a creepy looking alley, through online reviews or by attending events hosted there by your social connections.

If you’re looking for the best bars in Wicker Park, be ready for some fun adventure and intrigue as you explore excellent company. Prepare to be transported to a whole new world full of great company and progressive conversation.

Read on to find the best bars in Wicker Park.

Ask Bartenders

I kid you not. Bartenders always know excellent bars. On top of this, most of them are very big-hearted people who are looking to help someone enjoy themselves and have a good time. If you’re new in the area and are looking for the best bars in Wicker Park, first, get down to the hotel counter a pull a chair right next to the bartender.

Next, ask the bartender to fix you up a drink after which, you engage him in banter. You’ve got to be fresh and cordial. When paying for your drink, make sure you give the bartender an excellent tip. Don’t be mean. After this, you’ll ask them to provide you with recommendations of great watering holes in the area because, of course, you want a really good taste of it.

Now, watch the bartender smile and give you a list of places that you will enjoy.

Ask Your Network

You probably know someone who knows someone who knows the best bars in Wicker Park. Why not ask for help from your network?

Get on social media and create a post asking about the watering holes in the area. You’re sure to get a few responses. Despite how obscure a city is, you’re sure to know someone who has networks there. How fast he recommendations and reviews of different bars in the area is going to knock your socks off.

Don’t Trust The Reviews

At this point, I’m sure you’re thinking about getting online, finding a list of the watering holes that are there, and reading the reviews. Trust me. Sometimes, the reviews will only mention five places in the area. If people only review ten places, what about the rest? You may be missing out on a lot of terrific companies.

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