An Insight Into Unique Hoodie Designs

Hoodies have been a primary constituent in the fashion industry. They are by far among the most bought clothing pieces thus most designers work round the clock to ensure that they design the most unique and fashionable hoodie designs. In this article, we will discuss some of the unique hoodie designs.

Since their first development, hoodies were always produced without a zipper. It was therefore hard to put them on and remove them. This issue was solved by one designer who incorporated a zipper into hoodies.

3D prints

Another unique design is the hoodies that include 3D prints. One can purchase a plain hoodie and take the hoodie to a cloth printing shop where they can pay to get any 3D print of your choice. Some of the most common prints that one can get are animal prints and automotive prints. For young kids, you can get any print of a standard cartoon character.

Hoodies are among the most commonly worn clothing worn by new mothers, due to their warmth and relaxed nature. To top it up for new mothers, one designer developed hoodies with a pouch that acts like a baby carrier. This maternity hoodie has been a great seller since its designing.

Themed Hoodies

For those who are looking to get a themed hoodie, they are currently easily accessible. An example of these themed hoodies is the shark hoodie which has a hat that is designed with shark teeth shaped ends. There are other numerous hoodie themes available in the market.

The movie-themed hoodies have proven to be a best seller for most hoodie stores distributed across the world. Hoodies are designed to look like the attires of famous movie characters. For instance, there is a hoodie that is designed with an armor look for people who love movies that are based around the ancient knights.

One of the unique and favorite hoodie designs for young guys who love taking alcohol is the drinking hoodie. It is designed with numerous pockets, over 5 actually, that can fit in a bottle of beer and hold it firmly while upright to avoid spilling over, while also making sure that the drink does not become warm due to the body heat. Also, the hoodies’ zipper hold can act as a beer bottle opener. The hood is also designed with drinking mitts that allow you to keep your hands warm while sipping your chilled drink.

There is also a hoodie designed explicitly for rangers and people who love to go on adventure walks. The hoodie is made with a durable fabric that makes it act like a raincoat and also fights off the strong winds that one might encounter while on a hike to keep the person wearing it warm. It is also designed with six quick access pockets where the wearer can put his/her exploration and hiking gear.

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