Android TV Streaming Box

Even if you do not have a smart TV, it’s possible to enjoy quality content via Android TV Streaming Box. This unit is easy to use and works with any TV with HDMI input. Just plug it in and connect to the Internet. You will then have access to the world of LG’s intelligent entertainment.

With your Television Voice Speaker, you can not directly control your TV. However, several solutions exist, but none is really satisfactory today. In any case, you will need a hub connected to your TV to talk to your Echo (this is the same principle as for a Home that will use Chromecast technology).

The Android TV Stick is a small accessory that plugs directly into an HDI port on your TV. It is offered in basic edition for a fixed price. With Android TV Stick Basic Edition, you can access content from Prime Video (with subscription or as part of Television Prime), Netflix, Molotov in 1080p HD. Plus, access millions of websites like YouTube, Facebook and Reddit with browsers like Silk and Androidfox.

Start by registering your Android TV Streaming Box on your Television account, normally Streaming should link your two devices automatically. For this it is sufficient to give a voice command to Streaming that concerns the Android TV and it will take care of the link for the use becomes possible.

If you have multiple Android TVs, you will need to open the Streaming app (iOS or Android) and perform the following actions: In the menu, choose Music, video and books. Connect your Android TV Stick to your HDTV (you can also use the included HDMI extender). Plug the mini USB power cable into an electrical outlet (you can also try on a USB output of the TV, do not work on all).

Select the HDMI source of the Android TV Streaming Box on your TV, and connect your Android TV Stick to the Internet. In the same place in the application, you can subsequently see the status of connected devices and make any changes.

Other dimension of home automation is in the sensors. This is able to detect smoke, and can be a technological gift a bit different for our elders, so that it allows to have an additional security element in the home.

An optimal TV to replace a tube TV or an LCD that would have been small. It is not 4K, but for most of the cases Full HD is enough to enjoy quality content and with an updated interface in what the management of the TV itself is concerned.

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