Benefits Of Dog Collar Tags

For most people, their dogs are part of the family and the stress they go through if their furry family member is lost, is exactly the same as the worry they experience should one of their children go missing!

It can never be emphasized enough that the correct identification could save your dog’s life. It is required by law in most parts of the country, that your dog wears a license on its collar, since the information on the license can help local Animal Services or Health Department to return the lost dog to its owner.

Although tattoos and microchips are two methods that can also provide important information, a visible, physical Dog Collar Tag is the easiest and best way to have your dog safely returned to you, should he ever get lost. A trip to your local animal shelter to get your dog back is better than a tragic alternative.

However, you can save time, money and a lot of stress by avoiding the shelter altogether and have him returned to you directly by a Good Samaritan. These are all valid reasons for adding an identification tag to your dog’s license on his collar. Since you write on the dog tag yourself, it is important that the writing is clear, with your current name, address and contact number, to ensure that your do is returned to you safely.
These tags are becoming increasingly popular, because they are extremely affordable, take about a minute to customize and provide instant identification for a dog, should he get lost at any stage.
Your current contact details on a visible identification tag is your lost dog’s best defense and definitely the easiest way for a helpful person to contact you as soon as possible and get you reunited again.

Important information to include on your dog’s ID rag

Usually, dog tags contain the dog’s name, address and telephone number(s) of its owner(s). While this will let someone know where your dog lives and how to contact you, the more information you include on his tag, the better, such as:
• Your dog’s name and whether he is chipped or not
• Your phone number
• His license tag number
• Rabies tag number
• If possible, any medical issues that your dog might have. For instance, if your dog needs insulin, the person finding your dog will have no way of knowing this unless it’s on his tag.

When is the best time to get a dog tag?

Dog Collar Tags are necessary from the minute a puppy or adult dog is adopted, even before they leave the shelter or rescue group with their new owners, or at least a tag with the shelter or rescue group’s contact details.

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