Best Cermic Grill For 2019

If the thought of a crispy pizza or grilled Thai curry beef roll activates your salivary glands then its time you invested in a good ceramic grill. With a ceramic grill, you are getting dampers, better heat retention, ceramic cooking surfaces, and better grill surfaces among other innovations. We have reviewed some of the grills in the market to help you get the best ceramic grill.

Pit Boss Kamado 71240 BBQ Ceramic Grill

Pit Boss Grills have earned the admiration of serious grillers through their exceptional products. This 71240 Kamado Barbeque Grill features a heavy ceramic body to provide the ideal environment for burning charcoal. Its top is built from cast iron to give you more control over the grill temperature. With two stainless steel grates, you can grill more than one type of food at a go. It is further equipped with two foldable flaps giving you plenty of cooking room.

Kamado Joe Classic I

Kamado Joes equally command a considerable market in the grill world tough their innovative designs. The Classic I is an exemplary model being the first to feature multilevel grates for faster cooking. This 18″ grill features the Divide and Conquer heat deflection system that enables the cooking of different foods in different styles and in different temperatures at the same time. Its foldable side shelves are made of bamboo increasing its usability and authenticity.

Char-Griller E06614 Akorn Kamado Cooker

If you are looking for a smaller grill with the premium features of a large grill then the Akorn kamado is the perfect choice. This grill is designed with the traveler in mind and is a great option for picnics or outdoor activities. The Akorn Kamado cooker is professionally constructed to retain heat and enhance flavor like its bigger cousins. It also features two dampers through which to control temperature. It has a hinged lid, easy to use heat gauge and thick insulation just like with the bigger models.

Primo Oval Barbecue Grill

Grill size and designs may be limited, with rounded and rectangular ones being the most common. However, the Promo Oval Grill overcomes both limitations through its spacious-oval design. The oval design creates extra space capable of accommodating a rack of ribs. With the extra space, you can create two heat zones one directly above the charcoal and an indirect one for searing.


Ceramic grills offer better efficiency and convenience than the traditional charcoal grills. They are available in a number of designs, colors and capacity. Guided by this comprehensive review, you can now choose the best ceramic grill based on your preferences.

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