Best Slow Speed Juicer

Juicing has been lifestyle trend for quite some time now. Extracting the juices from fruits and vegetables allows people to get all the goodness in a more convenient liquid form. This makes it easy to mix and match depending on taste preferences and nutritional requirements. Vitamins and minerals can also be absorbed much faster when consuming juices.

There are several different methods of juicing. You should get a machine that suits your needs and uses the method that you trust. For example, a lot of people prefer masticating juicers instead of centrifugal juicers. The former using compression force and slow speeds to get the job done with minimal heat build-up. The latter requires a high rotational speed to force the juices out of the food items, with heat negatively affecting the nutrients. If you want to buy the best slow speed juicer, then keep the following in mind:


Opt for a product that is easy to use. It should be something that is good for the whole family to encourage everyone to adopt this healthy habit. The labels should be clear and the process should be intuitive. It should also be safe to use even for the little ones.


The size will be big factor if you have a small kitchen. Measure the idle space on your countertop to ensure that your purchase will fit. It can be frustrating to buy a nice machine only to find out that you don’t have enough space for it. You should also be mindful of the amount of juice that you want to produce each day.


Blenders and juicers are notorious for their noise. They can wake up the entire household in the morning and cause a lot of distress. Modern ones have solved this problem by dampening the noise and improving the design. It would be great if you can work in the kitchen without being too conscious about the sounds you are making.


Any machine with moving parts will require periodic maintenance to ensure long service life. Things can get stuck between gears. Friction can wear the parts down. The best slow speed juicer are easy to tear down, clean, and assemble.


A durable machine will be able to handle almost any type of food item without buckling under pressure. It will also last a long time such that you will not need to think of replacements or repairs for years. Be sure to get a reliable brand and check the warranty.


Of course, the price should be right for your budget and your needs. Compare different models online to get a feel for what you can get with your current funds.

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