Best Swimming Pool Designs

The regeneration zone is used to oxygenate the water so that the fauna and flora necessary for the maintenance of the pond can live there. Generally, a waterfall or fountain is installed in the pool to fulfill this purpose, but one can also use oxygenating plants.

What are the advantages of a natural pool? As you can imagine, the benefits are many. Here are the main ones. It does not need chlorine – this is surely one of the biggest benefits of the natural pool. Indeed, in addition to being a chemical whose use is not beneficial for the environment, chlorine is also bad for your health. It is vital to opt for Best Swimming Pool Designs.

It can make your eyes red or irritated, but it can also irritate your throat and nasal mucous membranes. Chlorine can also cause respiratory problems, such as asthma. Finally, although it is less serious, chlorine also has a tendency to badly damage our hair.

The quality of the water is much better. Thanks to the absence of chlorine, you have much better water, which will not cause irritation and allergy. But, even more than not to hurt your skin, the water will do even good: you will have softer skin after your swim.

It promotes biodiversity. This is also directly related to the first benefit. Without the use of chlorine, the natural pool does not pollute and, therefore, does not kill the fauna and flora. Thus, in addition to the plants necessary for the proper functioning of the natural pool, nature lovers will surely have the pleasure of meeting frogs and dragonflies, among others.

It requires much less maintenance than a traditional pool. First of all, you will not have to change the water. The ecosystem created around your pool will help maintain the quality of the water. And, even better, the quality of the water will improve with time thanks to Best Swimming Pool Designs.

As for the maintenance, the pool should be thoroughly cleaned once a year, and the plants in your pool should be cut a few times a year. The only thing that should be done regularly is to clean the filter and remove any leaves that may have fallen on the surface of the water. You will not have to buy all the cleaning products required by conventional pools, and your maintenance costs will be significantly reduced.

The natural swimming pool fits perfectly in your garden. Even in the winter, the pool is nice, unlike the classic pools that spend the winter buried under their tarpaulin.

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