Build A Successful Career In Photojournalism In Kenya

Kenya has a thriving media industry which means you can establish a good career in photojournalism if you have the right skills. Travel and the ability to work on stories you love are just two of the perks of photojournalism in Kenya. Read on to know how you can build a photojournalism career in Kenya.

Build a portfolio

Building a portfolio is perhaps the easiest part of starting a photojournalism in Kenya. You can start building your portfolio while in school, using material gathered from school or personal projects. Work for the school paper so you can be exposed to a wide array of photography subjects. Working for the school paper is also a good way to connect with local photojournalists who can be potential mentors. Only include your best work in your portfolio. As you improve your photojournalistic skills, the contents of your portfolio should improve as well. A solid portfolio is one of the best ways to establish a good impression when you’re presenting your work to future employers.

Get certified

A certificate or a degree in photojournalism is not just a piece of paper. Formal training teaches the basics of photography and photojournalism and is something you need if you want to be technically proficient in your work. Formal training also exposes you to future employers. Most schools in Kenya have apprenticeship programs that assign students to local newspapers and publications as interns. Holding a certificate or degree also ensures potential employers that you know the basic fundamentals of your trade. There are various schools in the country that offer certificates and diplomas in photography and audiovisual arts. These include the East African Media Institute in Nairobi, Technical University of Kenya, and Kenya Polytechnic University College.

Work with local publications

Work as an intern in your local newspaper or start submitting pieces as a freelance photographer. This means covering the beats that most papers deem newsworthy, like local events, human interest pieces, and the like. Get familiar with submission requirements and submit pieces to multiple outlets at a time. You may encounter a few rejections when you’re starting out, but it only takes one accepted piece to get your work and your name out there.

Photojournalism is an exciting and rewarding career especially for those who are passionate about recording events for posterity. With the right preparation and skills, you can build a successful career in this field. Keep these tips in mind if you are planning on building a career as a photojournalist in Kenya.

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