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There can be only one partition per disk of this type, and only serves to contain logical partitions. Therefore, it is the only type of partition does not support file system directly.

Logical partition: It occupies a portion of the extended partition or all of it, which has been formatted with a specific type of file system (FAT32, NTFS, ext2) and has been assigned a unit, and the operating system recognizes the logical partitions or file system. There can be a maximum of 23 logical partitions in an extended partition. Linux imposes a maximum of 15, including 4 primary, SCSI disks and IDE disks 8963 when you Buy a Computer Online.

Functions of device drivers in computing

A device driver is a computer program designed to allow another program (usually an operating system) to interact with a device. In general, each device has its own driver. Simplistically, a printer driver tells the computer how to use the printer. Without drivers, the printer or the graphics card, for example, can not be used.

Some operating systems such as Windows offer their own generic drivers which are supposed to work satisfactorily with most devices for everyday use. They do not always have all the capabilities of manufacturers drivers, who know perfectly detailed material specifications driven.

Installing a driver

When installing a new component or a new device, it is necessary to install the driver, usually supplied by the manufacturer. On many operating systems, a Plug and Play process automatically detects the new device.

However, it is sometimes necessary to provide driver support (CD- ROM , DVD or location), and then install and setup. Linux, drivers do not need to be downloaded as they are provided with the distribution mostly (free software).

The quality of drivers is often essential to achieve good results on the operation of the components or devices. You can also find on the web unofficial drivers, or otherwise capable of improving the overall performance of the component or device, or even use hidden features.

However, for maximum safety, it is preferable to use the drivers provided by manufacturers and use only the latest versions. These versions are usually available on their respective websites.

Different drivers

Because of the diversity of modern hardware and operating systems, there are a number of drivers. They manage the interface between the operating system and equipment. Unlike most user level software, which can be stopped without affecting the rest of the system, a bug in a driver can lead to system malfunctions, and in rarer cases severely damage the data or the material itself.

Creating the Drivers

Developing a drivers requires knowledge of driven equipment specifications. For this reason companies developing equipment are more likely to write drivers, since they have full access to information about the hardware design when you Buy a Computer Online.

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