How To Buy Great Soccer Uniforms

Soccer uniforms come in all shapes and sizes. There are many manufacturers of uniforms, some local, but most are international brands. When buying uniforms for a soccer team, you must consider a number of factors to ensure you get the right uniforms. After all, a great game starts with having a well-fitting uniform for the entire team. In that regard, the following are factors to consider when buying soccer uniforms:

i) Gender of Players

Soccer is a sport that can be played by both men and women. There are many successful ladies teams around the world and just as many men soccer teams. Before you buy uniforms for an entire soccer team, you must bear the gender of the players, for whom you’re buying the uniforms, in mind. There is nothing as embarrassing as a men’s team wearing uniforms meant for a women’s team, or vice versa.

ii) Size

Players in a football team come in different sizes. Some are taller while others are shorter. Some may have broader shoulders, while others may have smaller shoulders. The waist size of players also differs greatly. That is why it makes sense to measure the height, waist size, chest size and shoulder size of each player before purchasing uniforms for them. This will go a long way in ensuring you get perfectly fitting jerseys and shorts for each player on your team.

iii) Sleeve Length

There are two types of sleeve lengths for soccer jerseys. The first, and most popular, is the short sleeve jersey design. Long sleeve jerseys are also popular, but not as much as short sleeve. When playing in the cold, the best jerseys for the team are long-sleeved jerseys. However, players with short sleeved jerseys can put on an under armour before they put on their jerseys. This type of layered clothing will keep them warm.

iv) Material

As mentioned earlier, there are many brands of uniform manufacturers and most of them have large research and development programs. These firms normally come up with new materials for sports uniforms. The desirable characteristics include; lightweight, easy to wash, fade-free, quick to dry and easy to absorb sweat. When buying uniforms for your team, you may want to look at the latest materials on the market and place an order for uniforms made from that material.

v) Pricing

The cost per unit of each uniform matters a lot. Ideally, you should get quotes from a number of firms and compare the quotes. After all, you want to spend the lowest possible amount of money on the highest quality products.

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