Buying A Kayak Paddle

Individuals who feel an affinity for the waters may want to engage in related sports and leisure activities. Paddling in a kayak comes to mind. There are boats that can accommodate just one person. They work well for solo adventures in raging rivers. There are also units that have space for one or two companions. The most important tool in this type of activity is the paddle. Here are a few thoughts for would-be buyers:


The biggest concern for most will be the price of the paddle. You will get what you pay for so just be clear about your aims. If you are a beginner who is just trying it out, then you will probably be hesitant to sink a great deal of money in this purchase. The good news is that cheap paddles are aplenty in the market. Some cost less than $20 which should be within everyone’s reach. There are also much more expensive models going for several hundred dollars for those who are looking to invest long-term for this hobby.


The paddle should ideally be portable, especially if you plan to take it home with you after your adventures. Those who can leave theirs in a boathouse don’t need to worry about this but most will want to carry theirs in a handy package. Since a single piece tends to be too long, many choose to go with a 2 piece kayak paddle. At half the length, the disassembled paddle will be so much more portable. The pieces can fit in a bag and slung in one shoulder. They are also easier to store.


Of course, we will also have to think about the weight of the item. This will be a function of the material used. You want it to be as light as possible without sacrificing rigidity. A light paddle will result in greater fun during adventures as fatigue will not set in so easily. Cheap ones are made of aluminum while the more expensive ones are made from carbon fiber.


The full length of the paddle may also influence your decision. The right choice depends on your build and wingspan. If you are a smaller person, then you wouldn’t want an overly long rod to hold as you will have difficulty in controlling it. It can be especially tricky during turns. A tall person, on the other hand, would not want a very short unit as it might not result in efficient form during strokes.


The quality of the item cannot be compromised. Be sure to read the reviews to see how each product performs in the waters. Don’t be afraid to use 2-piece paddles as the best ones feel sturdy and do not loosen unnecessarily.

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