Can Titanium Polarized Sunglasses Pass For Good Sunglasses For Running?

Just as important as putting on sunscreen gel on a midsummer day, spotting a pair of good titanium polarized sunglasses for running is very critical. But as you set your clothes, water bottle, gels, headphones, and shoes for a run, would you consider polarized sunglasses as part of your important gear? The answer would be a big ‘Yes’ if you respond to the following questions positively.

Can the selected polarized sunglasses offer 100% UV protection?

The glasses should be designed in a way that they block UV light. There is a wide availability of affordable polarized sunglasses, so there is no excuse for exposing your eyes to damages arising from direct sun rays. Accordingly, if the polarized glasses can curb such damages, then they are good to go!

Do the polarized sunglasses have a wrap design?

To enhance your athletic performance, the sunglasses should have a ‘wrapped-up’ design. Since you’ll be bouncing up and down for long periods, the design helps in ensuring that they are intact around your eyes. Furthermore, the glasses should not pinch above the temples. If these aspects are available, then consider including the sunglasses in your running gear.

Are they lightweight?

Good running sunglasses should weigh just about 30 grams. Ensure that the polarized sunglasses have such a weight. For the ultra-light-weight type of polarized glasses, the weight should be about 26 grams.

Are they capable of reducing glare?

The polarized sunglasses are not only meant to be worn during the scorching summer months, but also in other weather conditions including winter. So, the glasses should lessen glare from water, snow, and even the pavements. What’s more, for an effective run, the polarized glasses should prevent you from eye fatigue, headaches, reduced visibility, and from having to squint.

Final Thoughts

Like other sportsmen and women, runners are increasingly relying on new technology (such as high-tech sunglasses) to give them the best performance. However, don’t be fooled. Just because a sports store has placed fancy titanium polarized sunglasses in the running section of their fitness products doesn’t imply that they are ideal for running. It takes some knowledge to know the best type of polarized sunglasses for running as you need to understand the ins and outs of these sunglasses.

To be safe, you need to check out whether they meet your desired performance criteria going by the above guide. If they do, then the selected polarized sunglasses may as well pass for good sunglasses for running. Lastly, you may need to check other aspects such as the material used to make the sunglasses, lenses, frames, shields, fits, and much more.

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