Can You Use Benzyl Alcohol To Treat Head Lice

If you have school going children, you have probably dealt with lice in the past. School kids tend to be the most susceptible to lice as they pick up the pesky nits from playgrounds and other kids. Unfortunately, head lice are quickly developing resistance against most of the topical products available, and this makes it harder for parents to manage it.

You may have heard about benzyl alcohol and its use in lotions that treat head lice. If so, you are probably wondering whether the claims are true.

Does Benzyl Alcohol Work?

The answer is YES. This type of alcohol is effective in eliminating head lice. The alcohol works by suffocating lice on the head and killing them. As a result, it is considered a safe method for killing lice and is a better option to toxic products that work by poisoning the lice. Therefore, if you are looking for a safe product or are worried about exposing your kids to harmful chemicals, you should consider buying lice lotion that contains the alcohol. It will effectively suffocate and kill the lice without causing adverse side effects on your child.

How Should You Use the Product?

For benzyl alcohol to work, it has to be used on dry hair. Therefore, apply a generous amount of the product on your child’s hair while it is dry. Leave the product for around ten to twenty minutes and rinse it off. The treatment works fast when compared to other non-toxic remedies that have to be left on the hair for hours. However, it is important to note that the alcohol does not kill eggs. Therefore, you should repeat the treatment after a few days to kill the eggs that will have hatched after the initial treatment.

Are There Precautions for Use?

There are precautions for using alcohol or any other form of chemical lice treatment on the head. First, the alcohol should not be used on babies who are below six months. Therefore, if your baby catches lice, you should consider other treatments such as using regular shampoo and combing the hair to remove the nits. You can also consult a doctor before using any shampoos or lotions on your baby’s head.

Getting rid of lice can be a difficult task for parents. However, benzyl alcohol has proved to be effective when used in lice treatment lotions. Follow the tips shared here to ensure that the alcohol works in controlling a lice infestation in your kids.

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