Cell Tower Lease Rates

Cell towers will continue to be necessary given the requirements of mobile technology today and in the foreseeable future. The trend is towards putting up more of these towers in order to service a greater number of people across a larger geographical area. In rural areas, these installations help everyone get connected even if they are in the most remote places. In urban areas, these towers ensure that there are no dead spots despite numerous buildings blocking the signal. If you have a piece of property that might be conducive to this venture, then you might want to know the cell tower lease rates.

Where You Are

Companies will pay depending on their needs. If they really want a spot, then they may lease it for tens of thousands or even more. You need to have a strategic location with ample space in order to get this kind of money. For example, you might have a property that has a high hill overlooking a city. This is a great spot to install a tower as there will be a direct line of sight to virtually every building and household below. On the other hand, you might only have a farm in a flat valley with few people around. This might only be worth a few hundred dollars in lease, depending on the company’s appreciation.

How Many Options are There

Telecommunications companies will shop around for different options and find the most economically viable choice. If there are multiple sites with similar features, then they will talk to each one and try to hammer out a deal for reduced rates. Property owners will have to reduce their rates because of the threat of competition. One way to increase the rates is to highlight the positive attributes of the site and its suitability to this task. For example, it may be elevated, secure, and peaceful. Other may be on flat ground, prone to natural calamities such as floods, or plagued with security concerns.

What Tower Will Be Installed

Other thing that needs to be considered is the type of tower that the company wants to install. Is it bare land with no permanent structure yet? Are they trying to build a massive tower on which to hoist multiple antennas? Is there already a tower with several other antennas from different companies? Is there already a tall building and all that’s needed is a small space for the equipment? If it is not that disruptive, then the lease will probably be lower than average.

To learn more about cell tower lease rates, contact a broker today.

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