Characteristics Of Effective Online Learning Software

The Internet has transformed the world. Gone are the days when you had to have a tutor physically present for you to learn. Nowadays, you can do this in the comfort of your home while sipping a cup of coffee. Online learning or otherwise known as eLearning has made this possible. With the best online learning software, you can learn virtually anything without setting foot in class. This article will discuss some of the characteristics of effective eLearning software.

1. It is engaging

An effective eLearning software is engaging. Being engaging will determine whether a student completes the course. The software should incorporate interesting and provocative tools and assignments early enough in the course to draw and capture the students’ attention.

2. Takes advantage of the Web

The whole essence of online learning is to make full use of the resources, tools, services, and information available on the Internet. The software should utilize the Web’s networked and hypertextual nature to stimulate the learner’s curiosity. It should also promote critical thinking and encourage exploration. A good eLearning software should, therefore, take full advantage of the World Wide Web.

3. Transparent in motives and articulate a clear rationale

Every topic taught or assignment given by an online learning platform should benefit from a clearly articulated rationale. This is important because it is more difficult for a student to ask for clarification of a question while learning online.

4. Provide detailed instructions and prompts

Good instructions and prompts are critical in the learning process. They help students understand what is required of them in an assignment or learning. The instructions and prompts should not be designed in a manner that assumes all students understand what they are learning. These instructions should not be too long, but concise enough for students to read them. Video instructions and prompts are the best ones to use in such a case.

5. Provide good and bad examples

Examples are important in the learning process as they help stimulate ideas, responses, and creative thinking in students. Examples will also assist in explaining the practices and expectations of a topic, therefore, making it easier for them to understand what is being taught.

6. Clear evaluation and assessment criteria

Evaluation and assessment are necessary in any learning environment as it helps the learner know how he or she is fairing. Students should be made aware of the grading rubrics and other evaluation criteria in advance to help them focus on understanding the topics and the assignments.
Online learning has made education more accessible to people. It is, therefore, important that the online learning software they use is the best.

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