Choose From These Reusable Cups With Lids To Help Save Our Environment

If you, like many other people, are concerned with the sad state of our environment, then you will be ecstatic to know that you can reduce your carbon footprint even when you enjoy a cup of coffee! Although disposable cups have been popular for years, people have realized that they are anything but eco-friendly, so have come up with several amazing alternatives to help prevent further damage to the environment. Following are just some of the many Reusable Cups with Lids on the market for you to choose from:

Bamboo — these cups, made from bamboo fiber and available in a wide range of colorful patterns and designs, lead the way in the eco-friendly stakes. They are entirely biodegradable, so when they cannot be used any further, can be crushed, soaked in boiling water and thrown onto the compost heap. The lid and sleeve – made from silicone, are also recyclable. Sturdy and dishwasher safe, bamboo cups have detachable stoppers in their lids to prevent spillage.

Silicone — made from BPA-free silicone, these brightly-colored cups are entirely recyclable and can be used quite safely in both the dishwasher and microwave. The 12.7 cm tall cup collapses into a handy 4.4 cm leak-proof disc that can be safely stashed into your bag or pocket once you’re finished your drink. The heat sleeve, which is also collapsible, makes it real easy for carrying steaming- hot coffee when you’re on the go.

Plastic — invented by former Australian cafĂ© owners, this non-toxic, BPA-free plastic cup provides both style and sustainability. It is lightweight, fully recyclable and comes in five different sizes. Available in a wide range of trendy colors, the cups and all their components, including lids, plugs and bands, can be purchased separately in different colors, to mix and match as you prefer. A glass and cork version of the cup is also manufactured in Portugal, where they are made from the waste created in the manufacture of wine corks.

Stainless steel — if you need to take a longish trip, or prefer to sip your coffee without rushing things, then a stainless steel mug is ideal for you. Stainless steel Reusable Cups with Lids are sturdy and are made with a double wall for ultimate heat insulation. Hot drinks stay hot for several hours and cold drinks will stay icy cool for even longer. Although not completely leak-proof, the cup has a silicone slip-proof band that makes it easy to carry around. It is also designed to fit into most vehicle cup holders, should you be taking a long drive somewhere.

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