Choosing The Right Colored Contact Lens

Colored contact lens help you alter the color of your eye and concoct a look that’s bold, subtle, or somewhere in between the two. Color contacts come with power or no power. However, to wear either of them, you would need an eye doctor’s prescription. Even people with hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness) or astigmatism can wear colored lenses. Before you buy colored lens, equip yourself with some basic knowledge about the lens so that you end up choosing the right pair.

Color Contacts Types

Most colored contacts are made to replicate the colored portion of your eye, which is known as the iris. Since this eye region comprises colourful lines and shapes, some colored lenses have multiple tiny colored lines and dots to make the lens look a lot natural. The lens’ center, the portion that lies above your pupil, is clear so that you can see well.

Colored contacts are available in three types of tints:

Visibility tint: This is usually a light green or blue tint added to the lens, to help with vision during lens removal and insertion, or in case you drop the lens. These tints are usually faint and don’t affect the color of your eye.

Enhancement tint: This tint is solid but see-through or translucent, which is slightly darker than visibility tint. An enhancement tint, as the name indicates, helps enhance your eyes’ natural color. Colored contacts with such tint are usually ideal for individuals, with light-colored eyes, wanting to make their eyes look more intense.

Opaque tint: An opaque tint is non-transparent that could completely change the color of your eye. If your eyes have a dark hue, you can change the color using this lens pair. These contacts are available in a range of colors, which include green, hazel, violet, blue, brown, gray, and amethyst.

Choosing the Color Right

The right lens color for you would depend on several factors, including your skin tone and hair color. However, things ultimately depend on the look you want, which could be natural-looking and subtle or daring and dramatic.

If you are looking to change the appearance of your eyes in a subtle way, consider a lens that defines your iris’ edges and gives depth to your eye’s natural color. And if you’d like to experiment with things a bit while keeping things natural, you may select contact lenses in green or gray, for instance, if the natural color of your eye is blue.

If you want a more dramatic appearance that gets immediately noticed, light colored lenses such as a light brown or light blue pair would be right on the money.

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