Choosing The Right NCM Tool

Network teams work with an array of network management equipment that help make their jobs easier. But not all networking management tools work the same way for everyone or within a specific network environment. Some configuration tools could be quite finicky and not apply to all firms universally. Therefore, picking the ideal network configuration manager is vital.

Intro to Network Configuration Management (NCM) Tool

Network configuration management (NCM) is the process that helps network admins track the configuration and status of individual computer network components. During network modification, repair, upgrading, or expansion, admins refer to the NCM database to determine the next best move. This information database houses the network addresses and locations of every network device and data pertaining to the programs, updates, and settings on the firm’s computers.

With NCM tools in the picture, businesses can significantly reduce network downtime and could provide network administrators information on the changes that have been made to the setup. Moreover, network configuration managers can decrease configuration errors, enhance network security, and rationalize repair and maintenance processes.

Things Network Administrators Must Consider

While enterprise IT environments are embracing automation, humans still play a key role in the configuration process. Creating a process for automatic configuration modifications warrants IT teams to create and carry out an extremely detailed instructions set for the system.

Network devices aren’t the same, with configurations saved in various formats. With NCM tools, configuration files could be stockpiled in a centralized location where configurations could be downloaded easily.

Also, admins can employ these tools to affect widespread alterations to the whole network setup from a unified management console since it makes sure all network formations do not conflict. Pretty much anything an NCM tool does could be executed by a network team member. However, this could be time-intensive and needs IT teams to access every individual network device manually and change the settings of the network device one at a time until the procedure is completely done.

With a process as monotonous as this, you could imagine network team members slouching and making crucial mistakes eventually. NCM software lets admins make necessary changes easily, thereby saving valuable work hours.

Moreover, admins could set levels of permission to make sure other administrators cannot alter the majority of configuration settings while providing them the option to create change requests. Network device configurations, with NCM, could be easily and quickly backed up and later restored; conventional network devices could still be allocated; and several software choices could provide automation attributes to keep time-intensive and monotonous tasks at bay.

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