Christmas Limoges Boxes

As in the artistic craftsmanship that went into the first and present Limoges boxes the story of the Christmas Limoges Boxes can be told in a similar fashion.

Still being made the same but with slight differences as per time periods as well as in this case religion, church and ways of celebrating the birth of Christ or just the holiday fever represented.

Nobody can really say from when they started making the first Christmas themed boxes unlike with the original Limoges boxes where dates and kings even artists can be traced back to exact yearly dates. Let us look at the ways they affected the Christmas collections:


Here unlike the original box where the shape and size affected the value, the actual value but the Christmas boxes came in a more basic uniformed and themed shapes and mainly kept to those type of themes year to year with only minor changes in time as per specific orders for certain special clients.


As in the normal boxes here also the artistry plays an important role not just adding financial value but as well as religious and sometimes personal value. This is because of the artist’s depictions of the scenery using art can take so many forms as he sees fit and per personal requests.

Ranging from the religious depictions of Christ on the cross, to nativity scenes and the mother Mary on the donkey guided by the star.

Then to the seasonal non-religious theme like Santa Clause and his Reindeer to all the different Christmas holiday scenery to straight forward personal requests reminding families of their lost ones or even loved ones around that period of the year to memories shared.

All this the artist does with the same intricacy and delicacy as the very first to the last box made, with some even been requested by churches and religious icons either personally or to be presented to them over this season.


Here we once again have many similarities between the original boxes and the Christmas boxes as the most famous colors used in the past creations usually were quite similar to the colors used in the religious and festive Christmas periods, Like your reds, whites, blues, and hues.

But where they differ is that majority of the Christmas limoges boxes would stick to certain color combinations, for example, Santa boxes made would be mostly red and white with black for his belt and brownish for the reindeer and each different religious representation using the same or similar colors even though the designs might differ as per the color-coding of that scene but all done in the same intricate and personal manner each artist himself comes up with unless said otherwise by specific clients

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