Colored Contacts For Medical Reasons

Colored Contacts for medical reasons?

Though there have been many blogs relating to colored lenses being used in the film and Anime world and fashion, there has been very little said about the vision brought forward n the medical world, Colored Contacts for corrective vision purposes, and using technology similar to that in spectacles to achieve this.

As a spectacle wearer myself I haven’t dabbled in the need for wearing contacts yet alone colored ones, as I just can’t seem to get it on the eyeball before it dries out and then it scratches to the point I want to just rip them out.

But I digress, so to the point would be the type of lens I have been using for the past twenty years called transition lenses, has now been incorporated into the contact lens world, yes lenses that change colors, mostly darker close to black, depending on the amount of light it gets exposed to.

Used by many now who are sensitive to light and who have an acute case of astigmatism.

Many companies have been dabbling with this idea for a while but it was with the advent with the creation of the new age contact lens which could contract and convex, like the natural lens inside the eyeball, for reading closely or seeing at a distance, which at first you had to have two sets of contacts, one for seeing distances and one for plain reading or swapping one of the lenses for a pair of spectacles (usually the lens for reading was replaced with reading glasses)

But it was with this new developments that the idea of implementing the transition from clear to the dark color lens with this new concave and convex design that brought out a whole new world for the visually impaired or problems with vision patients and still wanted to look good and stylish without having to wear spectacles.

So, if unlike me, you have no problem with popping in those contacts in a matter of seconds and having no problem wearing it for a maximum of 14 hours a day without feeling like you want to scratch out your eyeballs. this is for you, especially if you want a change of color to enhance your fashion statement for the day or weekend.

One thing to remember though is, never very fall asleep with them in, his can not only cause damage to a highly-priced medical device but can cause permanent damage to your eye.

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