A Comprehensive Guide On Application Areas Of Clear Plastic Sheeting

The varied advantages offered by clear plastic sheeting is nothing less than amazing. They can for used for a variety of applications inside a home. For example, they can be used as interior door panels, display cases, or even as lightweight shelving inside homes. They could also be used for picture frame glazing or for protecting expensive wallpapers. They can be in fact be used as a substitute for glass. They are usually the choice in homes where there are young children as they offer a safer substitute for glass. They can also be used in porch and balconies. They can also be used as table covers too. You can also build a skating rink in your home with these types of sheets. These clear sheets can also be used in gardening.

Clear vinyl sheets in gardening

One of the major application areas of clear polythene film is in agriculture and gardening. In this case the polythene that is used is vinyl, which helps in eliminating weeds, rhizome grasses, ivy, dock, etc., thereby aiding in plant growth. The clear vinyl sheeting helps sunlight pass through, therefore helping in optimizing soil absorption. The sunlight also helps to maximize the mulching potential of the soil. Soil borne pathogens are also destroyed due to the natural heat from the sun that passes through the clear sheeting.

Varied uses of clear acrylic sheets

Perhaps the most popular type of clear plastic sheeting are the ones that are made up of acrylic. This material offers its own set of advantages such as excellent transparency, flexibility, as well as resistance to breakage. Sheets containing this material are also popularly known as ‘plexiglass’ or ‘plastic sheets‘. These characteristic properties of acrylic make it a suitable choice to replace glass in places such as windows, doors, skylights, etc. Acrylic is also lighter in weight, plus is virtually unaffected by the vagaries of weather, makes it an ideal choice for windows and doors. Acrylic is also known to remain unaffected in corrosive environments. It is because of this property that clear sheeting containing acrylic is widely used as boat cover. Sheeting containing acrylic is used as cellphone cover. Similarly, this clear sheeting is also used for making the screen of laptops and tablets. Similarly, unlike the case with some other plastic materials, acrylic is also known to withstand exposure to fluorescent lamps, without getting deteriorated over a period of time. With so many advantages it is not a surprise that clear sheets which have acrylic as their core are among the most popular these days.

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