Consider Flexible Community Services Training As A Novel HR Initiative

How should one define a profitable business? Is it right to describe every business that ends the year with revenue in excess of costs as a profitable one? Would you call a bottled water manufacturing firm that draws groundwater excessively as a profitable venture? Or, how about a firm that release poisonous chemicals into the environment to maintain its healthy balance sheet?

Such firms may earn lots of money profits but are unlikely to remain truly profitable for long. Why? The answer lies in sustainability. A look at the world around us reveals that all animals, birds, and living beings strive to achieve equilibrium with its natural environment.

We humans have the additional responsibility of taking care of not just our natural environment but our social environment as well. Your business functions and operates within its local community. You may cater to clients from all over the world but you cannot truly flourish with the support of your local community. So, how exactly is your business giving back returns to the community?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that community service is all about donating money to good causes. Of course, that is not a bad thing but there is a lot more to doing community service than writing a pay check.

You can consider hiring flexible community services training firms to train interest employees of your firm in youth work, combating alcohol and drug, caring for the aged, or other such community initiatives. A misguided youth who is brought to the right path by an employee who received formal training at your expense will be living proof of what your business has given back to its community.

When you think on these lines, you will realize that there are virtually unlimited ways to do good to the community around you. Are you worried about spending money on something that may not provide any real benefit to your business?

It is incorrect to equate community service with charity. Is it charity to spend money on the health or welfare of a family member? Can you have a happy and functional life if a family member is sick or otherwise not properly cared for? Certainly not. So, organizing community services training for your employees can hardly be considered a waste of your money.

In terms of tangible benefits, such a move can help improve employee morale and job satisfaction in your firm. Such a training session will be a great HR initiative that will make your employees proud about the fact that they are working under such a sensitive employer.

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