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Hemp has been long lauded as a possible solution to the economic problems of the world. It was popular for a variety of garments until cotton became prioritized and hemp fiber was pushed to the sidelines. Today, hemp is being rediscovered and utilized in everything from more durable clothing to products that use fibers as a substitute for plastic and wood. Visit a website dedicated to cool hemp products and show your support for sustainable biomass.

There are actually a lot of products that use hemp because hemp fiber is ideal for the product. A good example would be many brands of jeans, where the denim is held together with a weave between hemp and cotton fiber. Entire pairs of pants are made from hemp, although the product might be more expensive because imported fiber is more expensive along with the use of more local labor.

Tops, coats, and jackets are also made of hemp and they are valuable because they are durable and become more comfortable as they are repeatedly washed and worn. Like cotton, hemp is porous and can hold air, water, and dye fairly well. It is not quite as soft as cotton, but it becomes softer as the product wears and the fibers loosen. It might last two or three times as long as a similar product made of cotton.

A lot of clothing is made from hemp in India and other Asian countries. Whenever they are imported, they are often marked up at a tall price because of the scarcity and high demand for such products. The good news is that prices are set to fall as manufacturers catch up with trends, and visiting a website dedicated to hemp products is one way to catch a deal.

There are other hemp products, such as sunglasses and other products made with pressed and bound hemp fiber as a substitute for plastic. Hemp does make great purses and tote bags because of their strength and resilience. Hemp can also be used to make paper, particleboard, and litter for gardens and pets.

There is, of course, the recent emergence of CBD oil as an FDA approved health product. These are often sold on purpose-build websites or a dedicated tab, but they are definitely among the cool hemp products. They are extracted from industrial hemp as a byproduct since this species has plenty of CBD but less of the THC that makes cannabis a recreational drug. If therapeutic oil is not your thing, also know that the leaves are very nutritious and are even sold as tablets.

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