Custom Silicone Keypads For Your Next Project

Whether you’re developing a simple electronic device or a complicated monitoring system, custom silicone keypads should be an essential feature. There are many reasons to use silicone keypads, but the best reasons are durability and functionality. The benefits of using silicone keypads for electronic devices are discussed below.

Ideal for back lighting

Car remote starters, key-less entry systems, home alarm systems, mp4 players, and other devices that may be used in the dark are examples that can benefit from back lit silicone keypads. eReaders and keyboards for portable computing devices can also be made more appealing with back lit keys, because sometimes these devices are used in low light situations.

Look and feel

Back lit silicone keypads can come in a variety of colors, to coordinate with a new device or product. Sometimes a user simply wants something different, for easier identification of his or her own device or keyboard.

Silicone feels solid, yet supple. The keypads will not be difficult to operate. But, they are also harder to accidentally bump. This may be an important feature for devices that are used frequently, such as keyboards, alarm control pads, universal remotes, and automotive key-less entry devices.

Reduce contamination

Key pads can quickly acquire dirt and debris, even in the cleanest operating environments. Those who use key pads in outdoor situations are more likely to experience problems with debris. The design of a silicone keypad makes it more difficult to acquire dirt and debris and when it does happen, the contaminants are usually contained within a single key. This feature makes custom silicone keypads suitable for industrial applications, as well as for outdoor use, like hiking or camping.

Resist corrosion

Silicone key pads are resistant to corrosion and oxidation in situations of high humidity, such as when used near water or in manufacturing situations. The design of silicone keys helps them resist moisture and water. They are useful for devices where users may accidentally spill liquids on the keys, such as in home computing situations or working on the go.

Reduced noise

Silicone keys produce far less noise than other types of keys. They can be useful in health care and nursery devices, as they are less likely to wake sleeping patients or infants. Less noise also means greater durability and quieter work stations in office situations.

Can be coated

There are options for coating silicone keys, so they last longer and offer greater resistance to contaminants. This is a good feature for a variety of use situations, in the office, in manufacturing or industrial situations, or for personal electronic devices.

Custom silicone keypads offer many advantages over other types of keypads. Custom designs, colors, and features, make them suitable for a variety of product development situations and can more easily meet customer demand.

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