Dealing With A Foot Injury

Foot Injuries are common among athletes of all levels. Whether you are a casual runner or a professional marathoner, they can develop foot issues if you are not careful. Some of these might have due to freak accidents such as twisting an ankle while going downstairs but it is more likely to be the result of overtraining if you are a serious runner. Anyone who religiously laces up their shoes to follow a training plan will rack up considerable mileage. If you don’t watch out, then you mind find yourself in a bit of a predicament.

Build Up Your Training Volume Gradually

Avoid overuse injuries by building up your training volume in a gradual manner. Most experts say that you should not increase your total number of weekly miles by more than 10%. Of course, this is just a rule of thumb that has many exceptions. Beginners might have to be even more conservative. Experienced runners may be able to train more aggressively without dealing with sudden bouts of injury. After all, they know themselves well enough to back off or step on the gas depending on how they feel. Novices have not yet developed this level of self-awareness so they are likely to push when they actually need to relax.

Practice Active Pain Management

If you do feel any foot pain, then investigate right away. Do not ignore this as it might not go away on its own. If this is a sudden onset with a sharp pain, then you might have torn or broken something. Remember that the foot is composed of many small bones that can easily be fractured. There are also tendons and ligaments that are subjected to great pressure while running. Try not to aggravate the situation. Rest for a bit, use ice, and do compression. Evaluate after a few days. If the pain developed gradually, then it is probably an overuse injury. See if massaging the sore spot makes it feel better after a while.

Go to a Podiatrist When Necessary

If your pain management efforts fail to bring relief, then go to a podiatrist immediately. This can save your race and get you to the finish line healthy. The underlying cause of the problem could be anything. Perhaps you have a poor posture or a bad running form. Maybe you have a strength imbalance or an ill-fitting shoe. You might have a congenital deformity in your feet. The podiatrist Athens GA will recommend the appropriate treatment.

Consult a podiatrist Athens GA specialist for foot-related concerns.

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