Do’s And Don’ts With Miami Yacht Rentals

If you are going to get a boat on your trip, then be sure to check the regulations for Miami yacht rentals and follow them. These can vary from one company to another so ask to be on the safe side. The following are commonly implemented:

Honor the Time

There are a lot of clients who rent out these yachts. The rental companies schedule everything so that they can be optimized each and every day. You should honor the time and get to the port at the designated hour so that you can start right away. The trip cannot be extended because you were as others are awaiting their turn. Return to the dock on the dot.

Provide Tips

The crew will do everything to help you have a wonderful experience while sailing. In return, you may want to give them a tip for their services. This will be divided equally among the members. In most cases, clients leave between 15% to 20% for the tip. You are welcome to give more for exceptional service if you are so inclined.

Don’t Smoke

A lot of people ask if they can smoke while aboard the yacht. Unfortunately, this is prohibited in most cases because cigarettes are fire hazards. It is only reasonable to minimize risks. They are also bad for the environment. The same is true for drugs like medical marijuana. Please respect this rule when you board the ship.

Take Off Your Shoes

There are also strict regulations when it comes to footwear. Clients will be asked to take off their shoes while they are onboard. There are receptacles where they can leave these for the duration of the trip. However, sandals and water shoes can be used. Compliance is highly appreciated.

Respect the Environment

Florida takes great pride in its natural beauty and strives to keep things as they are through strict environmental laws. Clients are asked to respect the environment as well. All trash should be placed in the assigned bins and never thrown in the waters. Even the tissue paper used should be marine-grade to ensure that they are completely biodegradable.

Follow the Rules

You can bring any kind of food that you like and eat them throughout the trip. The same is true for beverages. However, there may be limits when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Some will allow them but not serve them to their guests. Clarify this if you plan on taking some. Most people will bring regular picnic fare and enjoy them while docked at a beach. The rental company can provide coolers and ice for the beverages. Note that there is a maximum capacity for every yacht so don’t bring more than they can accommodate.

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