DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training For Increased Productivity

In their quest to maintain a drug-free working environment, employers are inclined to have their supervisors undertake random drug testing for employees if they have reasonable reasons to suspect drug use or abuse.

Agreeably, it is now more than ever crucial for supervisors in charge of different departments of a company to take DOT reasonable suspicion training. With the opioid crisis, alcoholism, and legalization of substances like marijuana, supervisors are squarely in charge of making sure that the workplace remains productive and safe for all.

Want to learn more about how DOT reasonable suspicion training can help increase productivity in your company? Read on to find out.

What is DOT reasonable suspicion training?

This is a 120-minute program designed for supervisors to equip them with the capacity to be able to isolate and assess whether or not a particular employee is using or abusing drugs. Reasonable suspicion, therefore, is where supervisors can have reasonable cause to ask an employee to take a drug test in order to find out whether or not they are fit for duty.

How DOT reasonable suspicion training can help increase productivity

Every business owner’s goal is to make higher profits. Anything that threatens this goal is often dealt with promptly and eliminated. For some companies, money spent paying for DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training seems like a waste, but for most companies, it is an investment. When supervisors undergo this training they are able to:

• Point out irregularities in appearance and behavior employees exhibit—which could point towards drug use

• Order for drug tests among employees through reasonable suspicion.

• Offer viable solutions to drug issues among employees found to be abusing drugs and alcohol

When a supervisor has the knowledge and experience needed to deal with employees who may be into drugs and alcohol, it means that he or she can help the company;

• Decrease costs that come with having to pay for increased insurance premiums protecting against accidents and injuries of workers on the clock

• Get more work done by workers on duty and limit cases of absenteeism

• Make sure that all the workplace assets remain intact and are used for their purpose

In the long run, reasonable suspicion training is meant to make both the workplace and other public places safe for everyone. When injuries occur in and out of the workplace because an employee was working while under the influence of drugs, it could lead to huge losses for the company. If you were at all skeptical, above are facts explaining why you should have your supervisors undergo DOT reasonable suspicion training.

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