Find Social Accounts With Email Addresses

Almost everyone leaves digital footprints that we can use to trace them. In particular, you could find social accounts with email addresses. This is a good alternative to simply performing a name search since some names are far too common. You might end up with hundreds of results which are hard to filter. Some profiles also have false names, nicknames, and married names. The person that you are looking for might not be as easy to reach as you hoped. However, you could use various pieces of information to trace them. Using an old email address, you may be able to do find social accounts with email addresses:

Reconnect with Old Friends

Enter the email address on a specialized search tool in order to reconnect with old friends. Perhaps you know someone who was a classmate, a neighbor, a distant cousin, a romantic partner, a business contact, and the like. You might have communicated before with emails but the messages stopped after a while. It is all too common because life happens and our attention drifts elsewhere. After a while, however, we remember these frayed social connections and we wish to reconnect. Searching for their social media profiles is a good first step.

Investigate Suspicious Messages

Some people use this type of search not for sentimental reasons. They might want to investigate email messages that they received from a random sender that has them confused. Perhaps it is an unsolicited message regarding a business proposal, a job offer, a product test, a cash prize, or something similar. This type of email should trigger skepticism as it could be spam or an attempt to get sensitive information. Recipients may check who the email is from based on social media results. Then they can assess whether this person seems like a legitimate representative of the company mentioned. Perhaps no such person exists at all.

Check Applicant Background

HR departments all over the world are extremely selective about who they hire. Once you let a person into a company, it is hard to take them out. Everybody will suffer or benefit from their presence. It is their job to filter the candidates. Most CVs include the email address so it can be used to check social media profiles. The HR can determine whether their applicants are truthful about the information they presented. They can also get a feel for the person’s values so it will be clear whether these align with the company’s values.

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