Finding The Best Ping Pong Tables

At some point in time, you will probably be shopping for your own ping pong table, so that you train or play with your friends and family at home. Like any other product in the market, finding the best ping pong table may be a daunting. The following are some of the tips that you need to keep in mind in your quest to find a perfect table.

Purpose of the Table

If you will be using the table for fun in your basement or garage, there is no need to go for a professional table that’s built for tournaments. Instead go for basic table that will cost you less. Again, if you have limited space, and the table is to be used only for recreational purposes, you might want to consider purchasing non-standard ping pong tables. On the other hand, if the table is to be used by several players (for instance in schools, recreational centers, and game centers), durability and robustness should be the top factors to consider. Competition or tournament tables will suffice in such cases as they offer thick surfaces that allow for consistent bounces across their surfaces.

Stationary versus Rollway

Stationary tables are more stable compared to rollway ping pong tables on wheels. However, unless you are buying a table for competition purposes or you have ample space to set up a stationary table, it is advisable to go for rollaway tables. Basically, the larger the wheels of the rollaway table, the easier it will be to move it around.

Specialized Features

Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, it is vital to go for ping pong tables that suits your needs. For serious and experienced players, for instance, thicker tables (more than ¾”) that provide consistent bounce are highly recommended. Outdoor ping pong tables are considerably thinner and provide metallic bounces because they are made of aluminum or resin. However, these materials provide more durability in the outdoor weather conditions. Beginners can consider tables with special features that provide the players with an opportunity to practice alone. Tables with playback mode, for instance, have sides that can be lifted up vertically, allowing the ball to bounce back when the player is playing alone.

Bottom Line

Finding the best ping pong tables should never be daunting if you are armed with the right information. Knowing the features and aspects to look for will give you an opportunity to find the right mix of features that fits your specifications, regardless of the price point.

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