Finding The Best Chinese Food In St. Louis

We have all evolved in a world that has no borders when it comes to food. Whether it be finding Japanese food in New York, or Vietnamese food in Chicago, this world of globalization has meant that we can find the best of the best at the mere touch of a button. Of course, touching the button or finding the restaurant is not at all the best part of the whole experience. That is the degustation process itself. We should never lost site of that!

With this said, it is time to contemplate another wonder of this small world, and that is finding the best chinese food in st louis.
For those who have a passion for Chinese food, it is not an understatement that the best Chinese food anywhere must be the best food there!
There is arguably no rival cuisine in the world that has such an array of flavors and combination of essences than that of the Chinese cuisine.

fotolia_2033025_XSThere is a diverse range of wonderful Chinese restaurants in St. Louis that offer the whole range of culinary fireworks from hot to sweet and sour. One of the best known has to be the yu chan pork – a pork that is unrivaled in its presentation and sheer depth of taste.
Huinan chicken is also a fantastic option always available – a very tender chicken dish served with an inimitable oil based soup sauce and oily rice. It is a wonderfully tasty dish and one made famous throughout the world. If you prefer a chicken dish with a bit more sauce added for the thicker flavor then gong bao chicken is a great option too.

Chinese food is of course, famous for its cooking with duck, and duck dishes made the Chinese way are what makes the cooking unique. Peking duck is a huge favorite among Chinese food lovers and one that can rarely be resisted.

Should you prefer an unusual combination of food, then amazingly you can also enjoy vegan Chinese food. There are still a huge number of combinations that you can enjoy, namely the rice and tofu options, such as the delicious ma po tofu.

Also very good to eat without any animal products or meat inside are the huge amounts of noodle or rice dishes available for choice – all served with excellent fresh vegetables such as Chinese mushrooms and pak choy. Steamed or grilled, they are fantastic.
Other vegan options can make up lots of the core Chinese menu options such as spring rolls and soups. Spring rolls are the very foundation of early Chinese cooking and can easily be made simply with vegetables and spices mixed for the vegan palate. The best often include spring onions, cut vegetables mixed with soy sauce and bamboo shoots. Absolutely delicious.

Arguably the most famous gastronomical celebrity from the Chinese food family is of course, the dumpling. Dumplings are often served as not only starters but also for mains depending on what size they are made into. This option too offers a huge array of vegan options just by the sheer diversity of ingredients that can be included inside, not only the meat dumplings that have been made famous over the years.

A lot of Chinese food is served in sesame oil and with sesame seeds, and it is surely this taste that gives it such a unique and amazing global following outside of its own natural borders.
Try the best chinese food in St. Louis, no stranger to these flavors and it is an excellent place to go out and investigate.

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