Fine Art Celebrity Prints

A scene with very light colors, such as a snow-covered landscape or Fine Art Celebrity Prints can easily provide inspiration. Seeing the scene too light, it will lead to indicating a lower exposure value to compensate for the white of the snow; following blindly the directions of the camera.

You would go to take an underexposed picture! Conversely, a situation with a very dark part of the image, such as a subject shot against a black background, can deceive the meter that will tend to indicate higher than normal EV values, trying to retrieve details from the background: you will then get an overexposed shot, also losing the intention of deliberately leaving the black behind the subject.

In the manual mode you have all the freedom to decide the parameters of the photo and to use the exposure meter only as a reference point, or you can accurately measure the zones with the modalities seen previously.

In case you use the automatic or semiautomatic modes (P, AV, TV in Canon, P, A, S on Nikon etc.), exposure compensation is a very useful mechanism to communicate to the camera to apply a correction to the exposure of a scene.

A reflective surface or a predominance of light or dark colors can mislead the internal exposure meter and force the camera to shoot with parameters that lead to exposure not suited to the subject for Fine Art Celebrity Prints. Setting a compensation value, the camera will correct its evaluation by as many stops as will be indicated by the user based on the needs of the photo.

Green Exposure is the process in which light, reflected by a subject, crosses the lens until it hits the sensor for a certain time, where the image is formed. Taking a picture is equivalent to making an exhibition.

Exposure is not, however, a question of ring nuts to be turned or buttons to be crushed, but of the ability to manage light and know what one wants to achieve from the image. And this is what you mean by conscious exposure.

Being able to make a correct photo (an exposure) is quite simple: but you want to take the right exposure for us, that is the one that allows us to express, tell and best fix the idea you have in mind.

In order to create an exposition it is therefore possible to intervene on the sensitivity, on the diaphragm, on the shutter speed: even if for a creative exposition the diaphragm values and times are more important. First of all it is necessary to deepen an essential concept in photography, namely the depth of field.

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