Fitness And Endurance Tests For Fighfighters

Being a firefighter is not a job for lazy or weak people. This job requires a high level of physical fitness, core strength and speed. This is why firefighters receive extensive training before they are employed in the Fire Services Department. Even after employment, firefighters have to remain in good physical condition to carry out their duties successfully. For this reason, firefighters have to undergo regular tests to assess their physical and mental fitness. Below are some firefighter tests for both aspiring and practicing firefighters.

Muscular Strength and Endurance Tests

If you are a firefighter, you will encounter situations that will test your endurance to the limit. As part of your duties, you might be required to drag or lift an unconscious victim to safety. You may have to scale a ladder, jump into a burning building and carry a drowning person to safety. These activities require both muscular strength and anaerobic endurance. One test to ensure that you can do what is required of you is the muscular/endurance test. This test requires you to lift dumbbells that weigh about 30 percent of your body weight. Aim for 30 repetitions or more in a minute and you will pass the test in flying colors.

The Standing Broad Jump

The broad jump is a pure test of raw physical energy and power. This is a vital quality for both aspiring and practicing fighters. The best thing about this test is that it tests several muscle groups at the same time. Just stand with your toes on the same line and with your feet approximately shoulder-width apart. Now, simply dip your knees and jump as far as you can. Step back after the jump and measure the distance you jumped. Aim for more than eight feet each time you jump and you have passed the test.

The 1.5 Mile Run

This is the ultimate aerobic endurance test because the aim of this test is to see if you can cover distance as fast as possible. Run as fast as you can for 1.5 miles and record the time in which you covered the said 1.5 miles. For best results, you should use a stopwatch to time yourself. If you covered the 1.5 miles in less than 10.5 minutes (ten minutes, 30 seconds), you did an excellent job and you are in great aerobic shape. Note that you should not take this test if you are not in shape and if you cannot run for 20 minutes continuously.

The Plank

This is a great test for core strength. Many people think having a strong core is the same thing as having well-toned abdominal muscles or a six-pack. However, this is not entirely true because the core involves many different muscle groups and these muscles stabilize the pelvis and the spine. Lie on the ground with your elbows below your shoulders. Now lift your hips so that your weight is resting on your toes and forearms. Contract your abs and try to hold this possible. If you can hold this position for three minutes or longer, you have strong core.

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