Great Tips For Caring For Your Hair On Vacation

The whole point of taking a vacation is to get away from the rat race for a while and relax as much as possible. If you’re like most people, you will be heading for somewhere sunny where you can spend a lot of your time lazing in the hot sun and catching up on that tan!

Before you leave for that tropical island – Just like you need water to survive, so does your hair need hydration and moisture and it will not get it if the weather is cold. Make sure to condition your hair before you leave for that tropical island! Sleep with your hair saturated with conditioner, or leave it in your hair longer than you usually do before rinsing, the choice is yours, just moisturize your hair!

When you get there

While you more than likely have loads of sun block to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, Caring for Your Hair on Vacation is equally important.

The following tips will show you how to easily care for your crowning glory while you’re away.

Styles — the last thing you need while you’re on vacation is spending too much time on your hair. Get around this by choosing styles that are low maintenance, like twist-outs, corn rows, braids, braid-outs and so forth. Whichever style you choose however, remember to moisturize your hair every day and to re-twist it at night if necessary. A silk or satin scarf works wonders for preventing dry, brittle hair.

What to do before and after swimming — salt water and chlorine can do a lot of damage if left in for a long time. Before diving into the sea or hotel pool, do the following to prevent your hair being damaged from swimming:

Before swimming — make sure to wet your hair before you swim. Since hair is like a sponge, it absorbs less salt/chlorine when it’s wet. Protect your hair even further by applying some conditioner when it’s wet and then putting on a silicone or latex swimming cap.

After swimming — rinse your hair immediately after swimming even if you can’t shampoo. Moisturize and style after rinsing and don’t forget to give your hair a good shampoo as soon as you are able to.
Although the sun is a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin D while you’re on vacation, it can also to plenty of damage to your hair. Contrary to what many believe, your hair does not protect your scalp. Since both your hair and scalp need protection from the sun, wear a trendy sun hat or relax in a shady place, if possible.

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