Guide To Buying Rugby Uniforms

In some parts of the world, like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, rugby is the most popular sport. The game can be played by both kids and adults and comes in a number of forms. You can play touch rugby, 7-aside, 10-aside or 15-aside depending on your preferences. Professionally, however, there are two basic types of rugby, 7 and 15-aside. Whatever the case, each team must have unique rugby uniforms. Ideally, they should have at least two sets, one to be worn at home and another to be won during away games. If you are tasked with buying rugby uniforms, there are a number of factors that you will have to consider, including:

i) Size

Rugby players come in all shapes and sizes depending on age and area of specialization. Forwards are usually the biggest in terms of height and size while backs may be shorter, but faster. Obviously, teenage players are much smaller than adult players, so there is need to buy age-appropriate uniforms. Since every player needs well-fitting uniforms, there is need to measure the height, waist and chest size of each player before ordering uniforms.

ii) Gender

Women have also started playing rugby, and the uniforms they wear are different from men’s uniforms. Whether you are buying uniforms for a male or female team, it is important you specify exactly what you are seeking when placing the order.

iii) Material Used

Rugby uniforms were traditionally made of cotton and polyester blend, but there are special materials nowadays. New materials are stronger, easier to wash and long lasting. Furthermore, they do not fade, which means they can be used for many years. Since you want the best for your team, be sure to buy uniforms that are made of the best materials in the industry.

iv) Cost Per Unit

Obviously, different vendors will quote different prices. Since you have a limited budget, be sure to obtain quotes from a number of firms for the type of uniform you are seeking and compare them. Since there are many cost components, you should get a breakdown of these quotes to ensure you know what the uniforms cost as well as the printing cost. If a firm charges a lot of money for printing, but has affordable uniforms, you can buy them and hire a different firm to do the printing at a lower cost.

v) Shipping

Many firms nowadays offer free shipping, but only within a given radius. You can save money by ordering from a company that offers free shipping directly to your office.

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