Guide To Custom Bomber Jackets

If your eyes are green, hazel or blue while your hair goes from blond to brown through copper red, chances are you’re a spring woman. You could support this hypothesis by paying attention to the color of your complexion, which must be in shades ranging from ivory to peach.

In this case, the colors that are perfect for your style will be bright and clear, such as cherry red, lemon yellow or forest green. If, on the other hand, your eyes are gray, green, light blue or intense hazel with no shade and the hair between blond ash and light brown in combination with a pink or ivory or beige skin, then you are probably a summer woman.

In this case, the perfect color palette for you includes colors, such as mallow, light periwinkle and beige rose.

According to the theory of the seasons there are then two further types of women: autumn and winter. You will be able to recognize yourself in the first if you have eyes of brown, green or hazelnut color with golden specks and your hair varies from golden blonde to caramel brown.

If they are green there will be good chances that the undertone of your skin is warm and that the colors suitable for you are all those with a yellow base. When this analysis is not enough to establish your subtlety you can always do a practical test through the use of gold or silver jewelry and Custom Bomber Jackets.

Put yourself in front of the mirror and match the two types of colors to your face, setting the one that best matches your skin, hair and eyes. Remember that silver is a color that goes best with cold undertones and silver with warm ones. On the basis of the undertone you will then go to choose the perfect colors for your look.

Finally, you can resort to the theory of the seasons. This subdivides women into four categories and numerous sub-categories taking the color of the eyes, hair and complexion as a reference point. Each category corresponds to a season so you will have women spring, summer, autumn and winter. Also, in this case the undertone and Custom Bomber Jackets can be warm in the case of autumn and spring or cold if you recognize yourself as summer or winter.

Even in this case the complexion can be ivory or peach and the colors perfect for your look recall the warm autumn colors. Some shades that are perfect for you are red wine, peach or cinnamon.

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