Health And Fitness Benefits Of Pole Dancing

Pole dancing has become a popular fitness activity with countless practitioners around the world. What seems like a simple concept reveals itself to be a lot more challenging and fun when you try it. This also provides multiple fitness benefits including the following:

Weight Loss

Make no mistake. This form of dancing is every bit as intense as all others. Even if the space for movement is necessarily limited, it involves a lot of complicated poses and heart-pumping routines. It will definitely burn calories like a furnace, leaving dancers in a puddle of sweat after class. Do this on a regular basis and you are likely to lose weight after a while. Look good and feel better. Of course, the activity should be coupled with a sensible diet in order to maximize the benefits.

Increased Strength

Another fortunate result of regular pole dancing is the increased strength that you will get from all of the movements. When you are perched onto the pole, you are basically lifting your own weight. You do not need barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and the like. Your body, with the help of gravity, will provide more than enough resistance to challenge your muscles. The upper body, lower body, and core will all reap the benefits. Things might be difficult at first but they will gradually become manageable as you gain greater strength along the way.

Balance and Coordination

Of course, this is not a simple matter like lifting that only requires brute force and proper form. It is truly a dance that has an artistic element. The body must move in synchrony with the music to enhance the drama or punctuate the beats. There are continuous shifts that will call for balance. The arms, legs, and core must all be coordinated. These are some of the hardest parts of the class but students should be able to improve in due time. It just takes dedication and practice to get incrementally better.

Better Flexibility

Many of the poses will demand a certain degree of flexibility. Don’t worry if you do not consider yourself flexible as the body will naturally adapt to the demands placed on them if we give it enough time. There are exercises that can be performed in and out of Sydney pole dancing classes to help with this. Sign up for a class and learn from experienced instructors. They will help you build confidence and achieve your potential. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner as they can adjust the lessons and the poses depending on the students.

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