How To Become A Volunteer Firefighter

Want to volunteer in your local fire department? Here is what you ought to know about fire service recruitment. It is one of the most rewarding endeavors of contributing to community welfare. Moreover, it could be your stepping stone into a full-time career in the firefighting department. But remember this is not a thing for everyone because it requires both mental and physical strength to commit. So, what does it take to be a firefighter volunteer?

Understand the Process

You need to know where your local fire department is located and contact them. Ask all the necessary questions regarding the procedure and what you should expect once you start volunteering. If there is no volunteer fire station, you can always check the surrounding communities. If they are not busy, they will surely welcome you but be sure to comply with the residency restrictions. In some departments, you might be given a ride to explore the station hence you get to acquire firsthand experience working with the fire safety professionals. They will then have you signed up to the right authorities.

How to Apply

When you figure out the volunteer fire station you want to work in, check their requirements, and see whether you qualify. The requirements differ significantly but the age limit is usually the same. Expect a background check on your employment history or anything that could prevent your fire service recruitment. You will also need a medical clearance certificate from a qualified physician and a physical ability exam. Usually, a drug test is done during the application.

Maintain Composure in Emergency Scenarios

You must stay composed in those situations that are a matter of life and death. Yes, traumatic events such as fatalities, car crashes, and fires on buildings can be extreme. You need the tenacity to crawl through tight spaces and pass through dangerous grounds. As such, you must keep in check your physical fitness as well as overall health so you can have the stamina to perform even the most arduous tasks. Forego bad habits like cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse as they can affect your health or pose more danger during an emergency.

Many volunteers who are just beginning devote only a small amount of time. If you are going to do the same, make sure your availability is flexible. Also important to consider is time for a requisite firefighter training program. How long the course takes depends on the certification level you need and the state you are in. Level 1 certificate may take about half a year if you manage to attend 2-3 classes every week.

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