How To Benefit From Ongoing Rural Irrigation Services

Water is a fundamental and extremely useful resource for agricultural activities. However, optimal use is required considering its scarcity in some areas. We offer custom solutions to suit the needs of customers, including long-term contracts. This allows our customers to enjoy reliable rural irrigation services on an ongoing basis. Many farmers in rural areas are taking advantage of this service to maximise production.

With the introduction of various technologies and the creation of prototypes, our irrigation and storage systems enable the effective use of water resources in Perth and beyond. We provide the service both at the level of small and large scale producers.

The majority of producers are aware of the need to ensure rational use of irrigation water in their farming activities. With our ongoing rural irrigation services, farmers are achieving better harvests and higher incomes knowing that water is an increasingly scarce resource. We can recommend a number of irrigation systems for each productive segment depending on specific requirements.

Sprinkler irrigation

Our sprinkler irrigation systems, which are now available on a long-term basis work with a centrifugal pump. The pump can be attached to a motor on a single body. It can be driven by fuel, electrical energy or other power source. For proper operation, it is necessary to have a well, or a main tap from which the water will be drawn and delivered around the plot through a network of pipes.

These units consist of a spray device that is placed in the nozzle. Its function is to spray the jet to make the water fall on the ground or the plants in a uniform fashion simulating the rain.

Centre pivot irrigation

Centre pivot irrigation covers large areas of crops, such as soybeans or maize and makes it possible to alleviate water deficiencies in critical periods or times of prolonged drought. We offer equipment with fixed axles, wheels and an electric motor to make turns. The units can be positioned on different surfaces. This technology is very useful and it optimizes irrigation through effective use of water.

Its scope is variable. Centre pivot irrigation has the capacity to cover 180 hectares with a length of 537 meters. Although the initial investment cost is high, it translates into the application of 380,000 litres of water per hour. This is equivalent to 11 millimetres of irrigation, which significantly increases production efficiency.

Underground irrigation system

Our underground system is specifically dedicated to extensive agriculture. The technology consists of hoses that are buried at 25 or 30 centimetres depth, which have peaks strategically located for the water outlets. It has a much lower pumping than conventional irrigation implements and allows the saving and efficient use of water. In this way, the absorption of liquid by the plants is favoured.

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