How To Choose A Lunch Bag For Working Moms

Taking a homecooked lunch to work is a far healthier option that eating out. However, this means packing your food early in the morning in food-safe containers and a lunch bag so that it remains edible and safe until lunch. Most of us already have food-safe containers at home but a good lunch bag may not be available. For this reason, we’ve listed a few listed a few things you should check while investing in a lunch bag.

Insulated: if you frequently enjoy meat-based lunches, it would be a good idea to carry an insulated lunch bag. Along with the insulated lunch bag, you will also need an ice bag that will keep the food cool.

Size: An average sized Tupperware lunch bag will contain 3-5 food containers and a water bottle. Smaller kiddie versions are available for children. We recommend buying a version that will also accommodate a fruit or have separate pockets for cutlery and napkins. Some versions may also contain pockets for umbrellas and other accessories.

Straps and handles: Most lunch bags have handles that make then easy to carry like a handbag. A larger shoulder strap is also available to carry the lunch bag like a tote or a backpack.

Structure and frame: Some bags have a structured frame and they already come with containers that slot into specific locations. Others may be softer and several different container sizes can be accommodated. There is no particular difference between rigid and floppy lunch bags, and you can choose according to personal requirements.

Cleaning: As the bag carries food materials, it becomes necessary to clean it regularly. Vinyl bags are easier to clean and can be wiped out with a wet cloth and simple dishwashing detergent. Cotton bags may need to be put into the washing machine but both versions can be cleaned easily. However, we do recommend finding versions that have a plastic liner which will prevent stains and spilling.

Appearance and price: The good news is that you will numerous pretty versions for working women in nearly every price range. Browse your local supermarket, check stores like Walmart and Costco or go online to find pretty versions for adults and children in any size, shape and color.

Online options are endless, and you can easily find a good Tupperware lunch bag at an affordable rate. Take the time to compare features and rates and you should be good to go.

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