How To Identify Authentic Limoge Boxes

Limoge boxes are handmade in the French city of Limoges. The small trinket hinged boxes are made of porcelain and have intricate metalwork. These boxes have become collector’s items. They make perfect gifts when you want to present a high value exclusive item to a person. Due to their high popularity and value, the stores are flooded with counterfeit products. There are several ways to identify an authentic Limoges box.


The authentic boxes are made with semi translucent fine French porcelain. When you hold this box up against a bright light, you can see the light passing through the top surface of porcelain. The boxes have highly elegant and ornate designs and features. The top surface glaze is fine and smooth. Some boxes are available in matte finish and have unglazed or bisque surface. Check the porcelain quality to ensure authenticity of the Limoges box you buy.


These boxes would not have their great value without the artistic hand painted decoration. The boxes are painted by talented porcelain artisans. Some high value boxes have paintings by known artists of yesteryears. The artists create attractive, beautiful and detailed images. The boxes are painted with fine brush strokes in different colors, highlights and shades. The design has fine detailing across surfaces and curves. If a box lacks color variation, paint precision and detail, it indicates an imitation Limoges box.

Manufacture Origin

Authentic Limoge boxes are made in Limoges, France. The boxes are hand crafted and hinged. Similar boxes are made in Spain and many other countries but those boxes do not have the same authenticity and high value as the ones made in Limoges. In fact, even those porcelain boxes made in other parts of France are not authentic boxes. Limoges artisans take great pride in making authentic, detailed and high quality boxes. Some people purchase white and blank porcelain boxes, and do the paintwork themselves for hobby or commercial purpose but these boxes are not authentic Limoges porcelain boxes.


Limoge boxes have ornate handcrafted metalwork. Making the metal clasp, hinge and band is a complicated and lengthy process. The counterfeit boxes have uniform metalwork due to their mass production using automated machines. A genuine Limoges box has delicate and narrow metalwork. The hand cut metal corners are not perfectly uniform. A perfect precise shape indicates mass production and lack of handcraft work.

The high quality authentic Limoge boxes are a treasure and carry high value. It is a pleasure to hold such a box in hand. Boxes made in other countries have markings showing the name of that country or a misspelling.

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