How To Jailbreak Your IPhone

On Mac, you can do pretty much anything to customize your experience with the hardware. For instance, if you are not comfortable with using Mail for email or surfing with safari, you can download alternatives such as Firefox or Sparrrow. You can even put set them as your default app and ignore Safari, Mail, and other apps altogether.

However, this is not possible with iPhone. While there are alternatives to iOS’s default apps, you will find that iOS will still revert to default for certain things. If you are frustrated with this, you should start thinking about jail breaking. For inspiration, here are steps to follow:

1. You should make sure the phone’s passcode lock has been disabled. You will be able to enable it once the jailbreak process runs its course.

2. The first step is to manually backup your iPhone. Once you’ve backed it up, on your desktop in Microsoft Windows, create a new folder and call it Pwnage. Download and store the latest evasi0n version in the folder you’ve created. It is also helpful to download the latest firmware for iOS 7.0.6 and store it in the same folder. Evasi0n download is a zip file. Extract it to the folder you created titled Pwnage then launch iTunes.

3. With your iPhone connected via USB to your computer, navigate to the left sidebar of the Window and select it. Click the button ‘Restore iPhone’, while holding down the Shift key. A pop-up window should appear. Select the firmware ipsw for your iPhone from the folder Pwnage created earlier. Click open then click the Restore button for confirmation of your restore.

4. Wait for the restore to complete. Run evasi0n7.exe as administrator once the restore is successful. This will launch the application. At this point, any screen-lock passcodes should be removed from your iPhone. To begin, click the button ‘jailbreak’.

5. Let the app run. When the process completes, your device will reboot and you will be required to unlock the iPhone. Unlock and tap the icon for evasi0n 7 app once. The app will open and close all at once and then reboot the iPhone again, this time with Cydia.

When you go through this process as outlined, you will have successfully jailbroken your iphone. Remember to read all the instructions first at least twice before you start the jailbreak. However, if you still feel that you cannot jailbreak on your own, consider contacting Geeks Online Support. They have experts who will take their time and take you through the steps in an easy and professional way until you complete the process successfully.

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