How To Start A Mobile Bartending Service

Get Experience

Get the necessary experience you need – working in a bar for a while is a great start. You need to learn how to mix drinks in a quick, but efficient manner. You need to be a friendly person, as this will keep customers coming back.

Get Legal

You need to contact the Alcohol Beverage Control Board in your state, as all states have different rules and laws. Being legal is the only way to ensure that your business does not flop.

Contact the IRS and Insurers

After you have chosen a name for your business, you will need to acquire a Tax ID number and register your business with the secretary of state’s offices. Consider what insurance you will need for your mobile bartending service – liability insurance is a must.

Get Equipped

You need to have a budget of about $5,000 to get fully set up. When making a list of the items you will need, do not forget portable tables and chairs, and a mobile bar. Start off with tables and chairs that can fold up easily, otherwise, you will need additional transport to move them from point A to B. Some clients will supply their own alcohol and only need your services, but others will need you to supply the drinks, so make sure that you always have a variety of drinks on hand.

Now you need to get the Word Out

The first thing that you need to get sorted out is reception venues and events planning. You need to get involved in venues that host graduations, birthday parties, weddings, baptisms, wakes, and funerals, as these places can really benefit from your services. Create a friendly business email and send it to all your prospective clients. Do NOT send out a bulk email! In your email, include the services that you offer, your business name and your prices – your prices should be competitive, but not to low.

Running your own mobile bartending service is a great way to make money and satisfy many people in the process. It is a big world out there, and with that being said, there are countless opportunities to grow your business into a huge success. You need to let people know what you mean business and that you are there for them. Being your own boss is fantastic!

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