Important Tips On Car Paint Repair

Paint forms a very important part of a car’s exterior. Pant is quite durable but due to the elements of weather, over time car paint tends to fade away. For car owners, car paint repair is always a task they will have to undertake once in a while. Here are a few tips to guide you through the whole process.

Get an expert to get the job done

Car painting is a technical job that requires a professional touch. Various tools are required and it is one of those tasks that you would rush into doing yourself. Always go for reputable companies. Such companies will usually have all the necessary expertise and equipment ensuring that your car gets the best paint repair job.

If you plan on doing the repairs yourself, one has to be thorough. There are many professional guides that can assist you to carry out such DIY tasks

Repair of shallow scratches

Scratches are usually very common in cars and if left to accumulate, they make the surface of a car appear rough as opposed to the shiny glossy look. Before you repair a scratched car surface, you need to ensure that it is clean. Wash the area thoroughly with water and give it time to dry. Sand the area and thereafter apply a rubbing compound. The area should then be thoroughly polished, waxed and then even layer of paint applied.

Repair of deep scratches and chips

Deep scratches and chips are quite hazardous to a car. Not only do they destroy the beautiful paint job you may have on your car, they also expose the metal underneath the paint to elements of weather resulting in rusting. Having this kind of scratches fixed within the shortest time possible should, therefore, be a priority for any car owner.

Easy steps to follow

Ensure the car is clean. Thoroughly clean your car with car shampoo to get rid of any dirt that may be on the surface. The car should then be properly dried. Once clean it will be easier to asses the scratch and establish how deep it is.

After the assessment, cover the surrounding area with some tape and gently crap of the paint around the scratch area. The layer of paint removed should be thin. Apply the color coat and thereafter after the coat of paint. Once the paint is dry apply the clear coat evenly and allow it to dry. The repaired area then needs to be flattened and polished so that it can maintain the same appearance as the rest of the car’s body.

How to select the right paint

Even with a perfect paint job, the wrong choice of paint will make the repaired area look different from the rest of the car. Paint comes in various shades and one needs to know the right code of the paint they plan on using before making a purchase.

The quality of the paint you use is also very important. Low-quality paints over time and in some cases even peels off. Buy paint from reputable companies and ensure that it has not exceeded the expiry date.

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